JAMCEM Consulting is a UK based cement industry consultancy firm focused upon providing expert advice and solutions to the global cement industry.

JAMCEM consultants are cement industry experts that have operated cement plants. In addition to this, a number of the JAMCEM personnel have operated at Executive and Plant Management levels in the cement industry, and have significant experience in Due Diligence assessments in M and A situations.

Lean Automation has recently entered into a strategic partnership with JamCem to develop a joint intellectual property for the optimization of energy, production, quality and maintenance. In addition to this Lean Automation would also be availing the consultancy services from JamCem to help cement manufacturers to improve their bottom line.

The strength of JAMCEM Consulting is simple - the company has experience in the operations, technical optimization, strategy development, due diligence of mergers and acquisitions and financial performance of the cement business. Whilst many consultancies focus on the technical design of cement plants, only JAMCEM offers advice relating to overall performance of the plant, its procedures and operations and the performance of the personnel. JAMCEM provides practical solutions that can be implemented by its Clients to improve their performance.

Having run cement plants, JAMCEM cement consultants appreciate that a site will only perform to its optimum when both the equipment and the personnel are optimized. Ensuring that the plant has a strategy that is understood by all site personnel, that departments work with each other to implement the strategy and that individuals perform the necessary tasks to fulfill their role are as important if not more important than the technical equipment that is used in the process.

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