Our Services

Industrial Automation

As the system integrator and advanced automation solution provider, Lean Automation is rendering services and makes recommendations without affiliation to a specific technology and supports all phases of your projects — from startup and commissioning to ongoing maintenance.

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Maintenance & Support

Without the proper maintenance and support, your systems can become unreliable — leading to unscheduled downtime, product waste and a decrease in profitability. To help you reduce these risks, Lean Automation provides a range of factory maintenance planning services and plant maintenance support as part of our sustaining services offering.

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Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence

Lean Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence solution translates manufacturing data from the plant-floor into actionable intelligence for decision makers at the enterprise and business level.

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Enterprise Asset Management Integration

Enterprise Asset Management is an integrated plant operation solution that enables companies to operate plants more smoothly by keeping equipment running at the lowest cost.

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Data Historians

With the real knowledge at your fingertips you can use the information to speed fault finding processes and to aid sound business decisions. Lean engineers will work in tandem with you to understand your requirements and present the information in a suitable, meaningful and comparative fashion so that trends are clear and discrepancies are obvious.

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Our Top Notch Solutions

We are spot-on with our solutions to improve your bottom-line. Our Solutions help you to achieve true operational excellence

EMC2 Energy Management Information System

EMC2 is ISO 50001 compliant solution enabling manufacturers to better understand energy use and costs, calculate performance levels, calculate targets & model energy use.

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Advanced Process Control (APC)

Increase in production and quality, reduction in energy consumption is at the core of our field proven APC solutions.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) bridge the gap between the management team and the shop floor operations. The systems provide real-time data to control manufacturing processes more effectively

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BullsEye Decision Support System

Our Decision Support System is used for advanced data analysis to help managers in decision making by accessing large volume of information generated from various information systems.

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